Tuesday, December 30, 2008

winter update

Well it has been a while since I have posted anything, what with the holidays, seeing family and friends, some in from out of town life has been pretty hectic. All the snowfall was just too awesome and here at Awesometown we took full advantage of being stuck in the snow with hikes in full snow gear up to Commercial Drive, baking days, drinking days and snowball fights! 

Todays is also my moms birthday -

She is a great lady. 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

more awesome wallpaper!!

I think I am a little fascinated by the returning trend of wallpaper. What better way to create your own unique look on a feature wall or even a whole room then by creating your own wallpaper and supporting a local company?? Interested?? Check out ROLL OUT! located right here in Vancouver.

Here is a sampling of some of their projects from their website:

Mango Shiva is a contemporary Indian restaurant in Calgary who's owner Kam Dhillon wanted something truly unique for the restaurant’s re-design and re-launch. Working with Roll out they designed and installed some amazing impacts!

Or Vancouver's own Moustache and Darling hair salon who took their small space on an sweet story book ride of whimsy and class.

Awesome! Check out their site for more design ideas that fit beautifully into any decor!

Happy designing!

Monday, November 24, 2008

oh when I have more money..

I will have many more arleigh wood paintings...

Arleigh Wood

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well it was a great weekend! Kind of over cast and grey but nice enough for a couple of walks with the beasts and Gio as well as some creative time spent planning and dreaming of home renovations. There is always what I want to do versus what is financially responsible and realistic for the market. mm big dreams of creating my own wallpaper from a favorite photo and applying that to the new closet doors that have yet to be built for the closet that remains to be created in the bedroom. You see how I like to jump ahead a bit. Sort of like what you see here: MURALS YOUR WAY or THE DREAM SCENE.

Anyway since we are now just beginning the planning phase of our home renos, and I was not ready for changing all the muddy walls to color just yet I instead went to my favorite little flower store to get myself a lovely bunch of flowers to brighten the room. People, if you are interested in giving yourself or someone else a great bouquet at reasonable prices I think the Flower Box on Charles ave, just off Commercial drive, is the place.

The staff is soooo friendly and helpful and are ready to create for you an inspiring bouquet at any given moment. You just name your price, style and color scheme or bring in a vase you like and in 10 minutes you are walking out with a gorgeous piece of floral art!! However if you are in an indecisive mode and really just want some color and don't want to wait, like me on saturday, you can pick up a ready made bouquet for 5-30 dollars! While I was there a lady came in as she wanted an flower for her hair for some event she was going to and the staff member helped her select the flower and then prepared it with the appropriate wiring so she could place it securely in her hair later that night. Great idea! Well I have never been disappointed here and if you are in the market to make yourself or someone smile then check out the Flower Box!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Just a quick post as it is hump day and there is so much work to do that I can't spend any extra time on-line, however I did find these.mmmmm

chinoiserie pearl bedding from Dwell Studios. Good present idea!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I decided that today was the day I will start posting all of the lovely things that my little heart desires. 

I have been watching others do this for a while now and have decided that it is high time I got myself in the game. When you are working in the science industry but are a creative person you can begin to feel a little stifled.  Don't get me wrong, there are loads of ways to be creative with what I do, you can pick line colors on maps and select photos for reports, and come up with creative ways of explaining how you are spending your clients money, but these are not quite the kind of creative output that I am looking for. 

In an attempt to remedy that, and as a bit of self discovery, I have found myself of late longingly looking at websites and blogs other people have been creating to see what they are writing about and what is inspiring to me. I have found myself following mostly design sites, inspired by the amazing environments they are creating in homes and offices and anywhere really, as well as artists designing clothing, jewelry, housewares, and photographers creating unbelievable memories for events and families. Some bring awareness to causes, and some are just a nice place to visit and take the mind away from the day to day. 

Looking at others sites of lovely things, it made me realize that I too knew of great beautiful people, places, and things that might make someone else smile. So lets try this out shall we.......