Monday, May 24, 2010


Gosh it has been forever! When I thought about writing this blog I was sitting in my great little house in East Van looking out the window on yet another rainy day in Vancouver. Our house was great but really needed a makeover hence looking and dreaming of design inspiration. We decided to move forward and called a designer/contractor to come in for a consult as there were walls that needed to come down and rewiring to be done. The day before he came our lives changed as did about 1500 other employees of the video game industry in Vancouver and my hubby lost his job. The contractor was cancelled and we hunkered down to figure out what our next move was. 4 months later our lives quickly changed and we were on a plane to Singapore as my hubby got his dream job over here in asia running a video game department. I had to quit my job and take on the new role of getting to know this new city. I know I should have written about it but he does a pretty good job of keeping the world up to date with pictures and stories of our adventures if you are interested ( Besides that not so many rainy days here.

So I am thinking of starting this all over again. Should I start a new blog or continue with this one??? Stay tuned, but don't hold your breath!