Saturday, January 31, 2009


It is the New Year and I have been very delinquent in my blogging.  However it is still January and I can make up for that, as is the way with new years and the opportunity to start afresh. 

I started a design class, Introduction to Design through the Vancouver School Board Continuing Education  program. Though it is a simple program it has proven to be very fun and interesting. During the first class we discussed the most important thing to identify first when designing a room: PURPOSE! Answering who will use it and how will it be used will help you to determine the type of furniture, lighting and layout that will make the most of any room. Seems obvious doesn't it? 

Next up was how a room makes you feel. What is your first emotional reaction when looking at the room. To do this we simply looked at picture of rooms and identified how the room made us feel before our brains switched in to whether we mentally appreciated the design or identified if it was "my style".  It was interesting that quite a few in the class who had a more difficult time with it. It was a very interesting exercise to discover that I was feeling good/relaxed/calmed/energized in some rooms that had decor that really wasn't my style but I could identify the mood created by the design. 

Try it, I found some awesome rooms online, in yellow. As I am getting ready to head out of this white and grey winter on this sunny saturday I am loving the yellow room design. These examples are all different styles but are so fresh and full of life. I would love one of each for my home, my chalet in the mountains and my cottage on the beach.. oh if only.

Just look at the rooms and see how you feel when you see each.. 



The first one makes me feel: OLD, STUFFY, OUT OF PLACE

The second one made me feel: OPEN, RELAXED, CONTENT

The third one made me feel: BORED yet COMFORTABLE

If I had to choose a room for myself, I would choose the open aired and bright feeling room #2.

Patricia Gray said...

Good luck on you Design Class and thanks for adding me to your Blog List.

enterthegreenhouse said...

My mother is a huge fan of yellow, so I grew up with rooms highlighting this colour through the years.

I have to agree with Gio: #1 is too old fashioned and Victorian inspired to me; #2 has the deep rich woods that tone down the yellow and make it relaxing instead of blinding. Reminds me more of the West Coast Styles I love so much; #3 I hardly looked at but I'm sure I could curl up and still read a book or have a nap here.

Have fun with your course, Michelle, and I look forward to witnessing more of your insights. :-)

Sarah said...

I can't tell you how much I LOVE the yellow (really in all forms). I only wish it was more commonly shared by that, I think I mean my man. :)