Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Opposite of Home

I am a little bummed out as I will be missing my design class tomorrow as I am being sent out to Prince George for work tomorrow night. Where the heck is Prince George? Well it is the center of BC, even though many of us southerners refer to it as "up north".

Thursday I will be up before the sun to complete a site inspection 2 hours into the bush outside PG. Now while PG has a pretty bad rep here in BC for being a stinky pulp mill town of days gone by, it is still quite beautiful territory. This is what I look like when out on a site visit...

However since there is about 5 feet of snow and the current temperature there is expected to be -2 degrees c.and they have called for more snow I will look more like this..

So instead of being inspired by my class I am hoping that the great outdoors will work some restorative magic. Maybe a little rustic inspiration???

Love it!

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Alberto said...

Wow! What beautiful spaces!!