Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well it was a great weekend! Kind of over cast and grey but nice enough for a couple of walks with the beasts and Gio as well as some creative time spent planning and dreaming of home renovations. There is always what I want to do versus what is financially responsible and realistic for the market. mm big dreams of creating my own wallpaper from a favorite photo and applying that to the new closet doors that have yet to be built for the closet that remains to be created in the bedroom. You see how I like to jump ahead a bit. Sort of like what you see here: MURALS YOUR WAY or THE DREAM SCENE.

Anyway since we are now just beginning the planning phase of our home renos, and I was not ready for changing all the muddy walls to color just yet I instead went to my favorite little flower store to get myself a lovely bunch of flowers to brighten the room. People, if you are interested in giving yourself or someone else a great bouquet at reasonable prices I think the Flower Box on Charles ave, just off Commercial drive, is the place.

The staff is soooo friendly and helpful and are ready to create for you an inspiring bouquet at any given moment. You just name your price, style and color scheme or bring in a vase you like and in 10 minutes you are walking out with a gorgeous piece of floral art!! However if you are in an indecisive mode and really just want some color and don't want to wait, like me on saturday, you can pick up a ready made bouquet for 5-30 dollars! While I was there a lady came in as she wanted an flower for her hair for some event she was going to and the staff member helped her select the flower and then prepared it with the appropriate wiring so she could place it securely in her hair later that night. Great idea! Well I have never been disappointed here and if you are in the market to make yourself or someone smile then check out the Flower Box!


MrForbz said...

Don't suppose you could find me one closer to my place.... :)
Then I could have fresh flowers whenever I come over...

BEADLE said...

With all the amazing photos you and Gio have, it would be tough to choose which one to use for the wall mural !

your pal,