Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I decided that today was the day I will start posting all of the lovely things that my little heart desires. 

I have been watching others do this for a while now and have decided that it is high time I got myself in the game. When you are working in the science industry but are a creative person you can begin to feel a little stifled.  Don't get me wrong, there are loads of ways to be creative with what I do, you can pick line colors on maps and select photos for reports, and come up with creative ways of explaining how you are spending your clients money, but these are not quite the kind of creative output that I am looking for. 

In an attempt to remedy that, and as a bit of self discovery, I have found myself of late longingly looking at websites and blogs other people have been creating to see what they are writing about and what is inspiring to me. I have found myself following mostly design sites, inspired by the amazing environments they are creating in homes and offices and anywhere really, as well as artists designing clothing, jewelry, housewares, and photographers creating unbelievable memories for events and families. Some bring awareness to causes, and some are just a nice place to visit and take the mind away from the day to day. 

Looking at others sites of lovely things, it made me realize that I too knew of great beautiful people, places, and things that might make someone else smile. So lets try this out shall we.......

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